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Welcome to Pangea Connect: Remittance as a Service

Pangea Connect was born out of years of experience providing a world-class B2C remittance product for our customers. As one of the first to envision Remittance-as-a-Service, we’ve extended our vast knowledge to create our B2B Pangea Connect product suite.

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Pangea’s digital-first remittance platform

can be extended through our API to any third-party app or re-created in a managed White-Label app, enabling unique and powerful brands to offer international money transfer.

Pangea Connect provides access to a global disbursement network covering 90 countries, offering both quality and quantity, with major retailer brands and over 100,000 termination outlets.

Product Suite

Pangea offers modern, RESTful APIs allowing money transfer as a feature in any third-party app.

Pangea has also developed a White Label solution that is currently being used by major retailers across the globe.

Speed to Market

Pangea will handle the technology (API or White Label), licensing, compliance, fraud prevention, and transaction monitoring.

Partners simply acquire customers to use their new RaaS product offering.

Global Growth Opportunity

Pangea Connect enables RaaS Partners to scale their business through new revenue streams and extend their brand into new markets across the globe.

Pangea is focused on long term growth with its Partners and works to establish shared goals, creating lasting, beneficial partnerships.

Companies We Serve

Financial Services

Companies that already provide banking and fintech services are looking to add new products that improve retention, increase competitive advantage and gather new customers through a comprehensive financial product suite.

US-Based Consumer Tech

Companies that have a large immigrant customer or employee base and are interested in features that provide new revenue streams, offer a competitive advantage, and a new financial solution that attracts customers and employees.

International Brands / Retailers

Companies interested in protecting and increasing their market share create a strategic relationship with the money sender in the U.S. via their local customers, and cross-sell other products and services to their existing customer base.

Foreign Mobile Wallets

Companies that offer mobile wallets gain remittance volume into their wallets, provide customers additional services, and differentiate their wallets via an additional financial product, improving acquisition and retention

And many more! We’re constantly expanding into new markets and happy to help you do the same.
And many more! We’re constantly expanding into new markets and happy to help you do the same.

All in One Solution

With Pangea Connect, you can harness Pangea’s expertise to offer your customers a premium money transfer experience.

Licensed Money Transmitter

Licensed in the U.S.

Cutting Edge Technology

Branded mobile applications and advanced API integrations allow for seamless creation of new remittance technology.

Fraud Prevention

Pangea Connect accepts all fraud risk for any transaction and has extremely low fraud rates.

Marketing Operations

Pangea Connect can be your dedicated marketing agency, extending its proven marketing formula to help you efficiently acquire and retain customers in the U.S.

Customer Engagement

Features such as remittance requests and promotional pricing optionality provide unique ways to engage customers, enabling anyone from around the world to request money and be rewarded for doing so.

Customer Service

Pangea Connect offers customer service support so that you immediately understand your customer’s needs.

Advanced Technology Solutions

API Solution

The Pangea RaaS API allows any company to add remittances to their existing product or service by integrating a simple API while leveraging Pangea's money transmitter license, compliance controls, and integrations with payment networks worldwide.

The API facilitates a complete end to end transfer of funds from a sender’s funding mechanism to the receiver’s delivery mechanism and supports retrieving transaction statuses and receipts.
API Documentation

White Label Offering

Pangea can build a tailored mobile app for any company to enter the US market. Pangea has developed deep expertise in enabling digitally funded international P2P transfers, including solving for an intuitive user experience, industry low fraud levels, and automated KYC.

Pangea has the infrastructure to share these capabilities with strategic partners.
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Value Drivers

Pangea RaaS technology provides three primary advantages:

Revenue Growth

New revenue streams and endless growth potential.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Attract new customers and lower churn with a comprehensive product suite.


Stand out from the competition with a new offering.

Your Brand Name, Our Expertise.

Our flexible technology infrastructure has been designed to allow any business partner to leverage our remittance offering to capture additional value and extend its brand in the US.


Customer initiates transactions in Partner’s branded digital experience

Pangea API

Enables money transfer functionality within Partner’s website or application

Pangea Platform

Includes Compliance, BSA/AML Watchlist, Reporting Suspicious Activity, Transaction Monitoring, Partner KYC, Due Diligence, Foreign Exchange


Pangea makes fund available to the end recipient via Cash Pickup, Direct Deposit and Mobile Wallets.

Receiver can request remmitances from Partner's customers in the U.S

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